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Unleash Your Authentic Self with the Core Passion® Assessment (Value $497)

Your gut knows who the real “you” is – that untamed, passionate, authentic self that’s been yearning to break free and make its mark on the world. It’s time to stop hiding in the shadows and start embracing your true potential.

Introducing the Core Passion® Assessment – the key to unlocking the powerful internal guidance system you already have within you. This is your passport to unveiling your genuine self and propelling your life in the direction it was always meant to go.

Unleash Your Authentic Self

When you know WHO you are, you know WHAT to do

The Roadmap to Your True Self

Have you ever wondered why some people seem to effortlessly navigate life’s twists and turns while others feel lost and uncertain? The secret lies in understanding your fundamental inner motivators – the driving forces behind every decision, action, and choice you make. Imagine being able to have the confidence and the words to say who you are, what you want, and how you want to live.

With the Core Passion® Assessment, you’ll gain unprecedented insights into your unique set of motivators. Imagine the impact:

  • Confidence Boost: Embrace your strengths with newfound confidence. No more second-guessing – you’ll know exactly how to leverage your abilities to achieve your goals.
  • Clarity and Calm: Decision-making becomes a breeze when you comprehend the driving force behind your thoughts and actions. Say goodbye to confusion and welcome in clarity and calm.
  • Self-Esteem Surge: Embrace your authentic combination of strengths. With this self-awareness, you’ll elevate your self-esteem and proudly showcase your true self to the world.
  • Creating Meaningful Impact: Imagine channeling your talents to create value for both yourself and others. The Core Passion® Assessment equips you to harness your gifts and make a lasting impact.

From Crossroads to Clarity: A Personal Journey

Still skeptical? We’ve been in your shoes. In 2006, we faced the crossroads of uncertainty and dissatisfaction. But then, we discovered the transformative power of the Core Passion® Assessment. Through deep exploration of the results with our coach, we unlocked the potential within ourselves.

The results were undeniable:

  • Confidence: We approached every interaction with newfound confidence, both personally and professionally.
  • Clarity: Decision-making became clear and purpose-driven, eradicating the uncertainty that once clouded our path.
  • Energy: We channeled newfound energy into our endeavors, reshaping our business and lives.
  • Self-Worth: Our self-esteem soared as we embraced our authentic selves, valuing our unique strengths.

Your Turn to Shine

Are you ready to step out of the shadows and into your power? Say goodbye to the frustration of being stuck at life’s crossroads. The Core Passion® Assessment is your guiding light, illuminating the path that’s uniquely tailored to you.

Your journey starts now! Ignite your transformation by embarking on the Core Passion® Assessment today. Unleash the authentic “you” that the world has been waiting for.

Break free from uncertainty. Embrace your passions. Unleash your authentic self.

The Core Passion® Assessment Includes:

1 – Hour Coaching Session

Image Assessment & Recommendations

Online assessment portal available at your convenience

Course with 6 videos

12 Codes of Core Passion – video library

21 – Page report with graph profile

Core Passion Codes Quick Study Guide

Core Passion Matrix – poster of the 12 Codes of Core Passion

(Value $497)

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